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Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

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One-horned Rhino in Chitwan National Park
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  • Bengal Tiger and One-Horned Rhino Spotting: Opportunities to see these iconic and endangered species in their natural habitat.
  • Diverse Safari Activities: Engage in jeep safaris, elephant rides, canoe trips, and jungle walks.
  • Birdwatching Paradise: Spot a wide variety of bird species in one of Asia's richest bird habitats.
  • Cultural Immersion: Experience the traditional lifestyle and customs of the Tharu community.
  • Scenic Beauty: Explore the lush forests, serene rivers, and expansive grasslands of Chitwan National Park.


The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the rich biodiversity and natural beauty of Chitwan National Park, one of Nepal's premier wildlife reserves. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chitwan National Park is renowned for its dense forests, grasslands, and abundant wildlife. This tour provides an immersive experience into the heart of Nepal’s jungle, perfect for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, and adventure seekers.

Exploring Chitwan National Park
Established in 1973, Chitwan National Park covers an area of 932 square kilometers and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. The park's landscape is characterized by dense tropical forests, riverine floodplains, and extensive grasslands, offering a variety of habitats for wildlife.

Wildlife Encounters
The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour is renowned for its exciting wildlife encounters. Participants can expect to see:

1. Bengal Tigers: The park is one of the best places in the world to spot the elusive Bengal tiger.
2. One-Horned Rhinoceros: Chitwan is famous for its population of the endangered one-horned rhinoceros.
3. Elephants: Visitors can see wild elephants as well as partake in elephant-back safaris.
4. Leopards, Sloth Bears, and Wild Boars: The park is home to a variety of other large mammals.
5. Birdwatching: Over 540 species of birds, including the great hornbill and the Bengal florican, make Chitwan a birdwatcher's paradise.
6. Reptiles and Amphibians: The park's rivers and wetlands are home to the marsh mugger crocodile and the endangered gharial.

Safari Activities
The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour offers a range of activities to explore the park and its wildlife:

1. Jeep Safari: An exciting way to cover large areas of the park and increase the chances of spotting wildlife.
2. Elephant Safari: Experience the jungle from the vantage point of an elephant, providing a unique perspective and access to areas difficult to reach on foot or by vehicle.
3. Canoe Ride: Glide down the Rapti River in a traditional dugout canoe, offering close-up views of aquatic wildlife and bird species.
4. Jungle Walks: Guided walks through the forest provide an intimate experience with nature, allowing for the observation of smaller wildlife and plants.
5. Birdwatching Tours: Specialized tours focused on the diverse birdlife of Chitwan, guided by expert ornithologists.
6. Tharu Cultural Experience: Visit local Tharu villages to learn about the culture, traditions, and lifestyle of the indigenous Tharu people.

The Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour offers an unforgettable adventure into one of Nepal's most treasured natural environments. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast, a birdwatcher, or someone seeking to experience the natural and cultural richness of Nepal, this tour provides an exceptional journey into the wild heart of Chitwan. The combination of thrilling wildlife encounters, diverse safari activities, and cultural immersion makes the Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour a must-do experience for any traveler visiting Nepal.

Important Note

Trip Itinerary

Morning: Journey to Chitwan

Early in the morning, after a hearty breakfast, we begin our journey from Kathmandu to Chitwan National Park. The drive takes approximately 5-6 hours, covering a distance of around 150 kilometers. As we leave the bustling city of Kathmandu behind, the scenery changes dramatically. The drive offers breathtaking views of terraced fields, lush green hills, and winding rivers. We will stop for a short break at a scenic spot to stretch our legs and enjoy some refreshments.

Afternoon: Arrival and Check-In

Upon arriving at the outskirts of Chitwan National Park, we will be greeted by the lush greenery and the tranquil environment of the Terai region. Our guide will assist with the check-in process at your chosen hotel or lodge, which is typically located near the park entrance to offer easy access to the various activities. After checking in, you will have some time to relax and freshen up in your room.

Evening: Tharu Village Visit and Cultural Program

In the late afternoon, we will visit a nearby Tharu village to learn about the traditional lifestyle and culture of the indigenous Tharu people. The Tharu community is known for its unique customs, traditional houses, and vibrant attire. Our guide will introduce you to the local families, and you will have the opportunity to explore the village and interact with the residents.

As the sun sets, we return to the lodge for a special cultural program. You will be treated to a traditional Tharu dance performance, where local dancers in colorful costumes perform their folk dances to the rhythmic beats of traditional instruments. The evening concludes with a delicious dinner featuring local and international cuisine.

Overnight stay at the hotel/lodge.

Morning: Elephant Safari

After an early breakfast, we set out for the first adventure of the day – an elephant safari. Riding on the back of a gentle elephant, we venture deep into the jungle, crossing rivers and traversing dense forests. The elephant safari is one of the best ways to explore the park, as the elevated vantage point allows for excellent wildlife viewing. Keep your eyes peeled for sightings of rhinos, deer, wild boars, and if you're lucky, the elusive Bengal tiger. Our experienced mahouts (elephant handlers) will guide the elephants, providing insights into the flora and fauna of the park.

Jeep Safari ( Optional):

An exciting way to cover large areas of the park and increase the chances of spotting wildlife.

Late Morning: Canoe Ride and Bird Watching

After the elephant safari, we head to the Rapti River for a serene canoe ride. The river meanders through the park, providing a unique perspective of the surrounding wilderness. As we glide silently along the water, we can observe various bird species, including kingfishers, egrets, and storks. The riverbanks are also home to marsh mugger crocodiles and the endangered gharial, which can often be seen basking in the sun.

Afternoon: Jungle Walk and Visit to the Elephant Breeding Center

Following the canoe ride, we return to the lodge for lunch and a short rest. In the afternoon, we explore on a guided jungle. Accompanied by an experienced naturalist, we explore the diverse ecosystems of the park on foot. The walk offers a closer look at the smaller creatures and plants that make up this rich habitat. Our guide will share knowledge about the various medicinal plants and their traditional uses.

We then visit the Elephant Breeding Center, where you can learn about the efforts to conserve and protect the elephant population. The center is home to baby elephants and their mothers, providing a unique opportunity to see these magnificent animals up close and learn about their care and management.

Evening: Sunset at Rapti River and Tharu Stick Dance

As the day comes to an end, we head to the banks of the Rapti River to watch the sunset. The tranquil setting, with the sun dipping below the horizon and the silhouettes of elephants against the sky, makes for a perfect photo opportunity.

In the evening, back at the lodge, you can enjoy another traditional Tharu dance performance, this time featuring the energetic stick dance. Dinner will be served, offering a variety of local and international dishes.

Overnight stay at the hotel/lodge.


After breakfast, you'll check out of the lodge and prepare for the journey back to Kathmandu. The drive back, taking approximately 5-6 hours, allows you to relax and reflect on the incredible experiences of your Chitwan jungle safari.

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A Thrilling Wildlife Experience in Chitwan

Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour was an unforgettable adventure! The guided tours through the dense forests and grasslands of Chitwan National Park provided incredible wildlife sightings, including rhinos, elephants, and even a glimpse of the elusive Bengal tiger. The knowledgeable guides made the experience educational and exciting, sharing insights about the park's diverse ecosystem. The highlight was the canoe ride along the Rapti River, where we saw crocodiles and numerous bird species up close. This tour is a must for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Highly recommended!

Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson
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