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Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trek

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21 days
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Min 2
All ground transportation as per itinerary
Best Season
Sept, Oct, Nov, March, April, May
3*** Hotel in Kathmandu and Tea House / Lodge during the trek
Breakfast in Kathmandu and all meals during the trek
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Trip Route
Kathmandu - Machha Khola - Jagat - Lokpa - Chumling - Chokanparo - Nile - Chumling - Lokpa - Namrung - Lo gaon - Samdo - Dharmasala - Bhimphedi - Gho - Dharapani - Kathmandu


    • Adventure to the hidden valley of happiness of Tsum, the wonderland.
    • Glorious scenery from start to the end of the trekking around Manaslu region.
    • Explore the forgotten country of Tsum, and enjoy its ancient cultural heritage.
    • An exciting walks around both beautiful areas of Manaslu with scenic Tsum valley.
    • Walking into lovely traditional villages in the shade of mighty Himalayan peaks.


TSUM VALLEY and MANASLU CIRCUIT TREKKING adventure around the hidden valley of happiness in Tsum with high Larke-La’ 
Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trekking is a marvelous combination of exploring both the scenic and cultural country of the remote Gorkha district.
Himalayan Forever Treks presents an exciting wonderful adventure, where trekkers can enjoy both areas of the high Manaslu Himalayan range.
Walking from North-East to the far west of Gorkha and Manaslu region, facing ever-present views of Nepal's Mid-West Himalayan peaks. From Ganesh Himal to Annapurna Himalayas, including all of Manaslu peaks in the close harmony of local immense ancient cultures. 
Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trekking are within the forbidden and restricted areas. Which was open for outside visitors from 2007 A.D. onwards and Upper Manaslu in 1992. Where all trekkers require special permits to enter the secluded and far-flung country of the Tsum and Manaslu valleys.
The first part of the adventure follows the same main trail of the Manaslu Circuit to Lokpa village. The starting point and entrance to the beautiful and hidden Tsum Valley, where the mystical and hidden country is located.
Entering the remote valley of happiness which is also known as Beyul Kyimolung, the name comes from the ancient Tibetan language. As well described by 8th Century famous saint Padmasambhava or Guru Rinpoche, on his way to Tibet.
The scenic and culturally rich country, and the least ventured land beyond Ganesh and Manaslu Himalayas. At one time a busy gateway to Tibet, where a caravan of Yaks and mules passed through this virgin country. Which was also a main 
 Trans Himalaya Salt Trade Route between the Nepal and Tibet.
Most northern parts of Tsum valley are an extension of the vast plateau of Tibet bounded by the high Himalayan peaks. The walk follows through the lovely traditional villages of Chumling, Chokanparo, and Nile towards our first highlight destination at Mu Gompa. An amazing place to explore and experience well hidden behind the massif peaks of Ganesh Himal. Overlooking exceptional scenery of dramatic landscapes of towering mountains and deep valleys, enclosed within tiers of rugged rolling hills. Enjoy visiting the Tsum Valley of Happiness exploring the last villages Nile and the meditation caves of 11th Century saint Millerepa.
Walk towards the remote and isolated settlement at Mu Gompa, on the highest point at 3,700 m, before Manaslu valley. The oldest monastery built around 400 years ago, treasures important religious relics with a life-sized statue of Avalokiteshwara. The God of Compassion includes idols of Tara and Guru Padmasambhava with grand views of Ganesh Himal and the peaks of Tibet.
Return journey on the same scenic trail to Lokpa, and then on the main route of the Manaslu circuit reaching Lo-Gaon. From Lo village onwards within the high Manaslu beautiful valley overlooking towering peaks of the Manaslu Himalaya range. 
The trail leads to gradual uphill walks with a touch of high altitude reaching the main village of Sama-Gaon. Having a rest day to explore its picturesque viewpoints in the harmony of local interesting and impressive Buddhism cultures.
Slowly the adventure heads towards the end of Manaslu valley past the last village of Samdo to Dharmasala. Located at the bottom of the high Larke-La pass, the next early morning a big climb to the top of Larke-La. Stand on the highest spot of the adventure at 5,106 m high facing a spectacular panorama of the mountain range.
From the pass adorned with thousands of colorful Buddhist prayer flags a long undulating descent to Bhimphedi / Bhimthang. A beautiful settlement amidst a lovely forest of rhododendron and pine tree lined with prayer monuments.
Finally, our adventurous walks come to an end, following downhill towards Manang areas at Tilje and Dharapani villages. Spending the last overnight in the comfort of a nice lovely lodge, situated on the famous and popular Annapurna Circuit trail.
Completing the great walks with a pleasant and wonderful time at Dharapani, a long exciting drive brings you to Kathmandu. After a most mesmerizing adventure of a lifetime experience on the Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Important Note

Mode of Trekking: In best available Lodges and Guest-Houses on treks.
Trekking Grade: Moderate to Adventurous with steep ups and downhill.
Area of Trekking: Far North Mid-West, from Gorkha to Manang districts.
Highest points: On top Larke-La Pass 5,106 m /16,752 feet high.                                           
People and culture: Populated by high Manaslu native the Tsumbas, Gurung and Manang tribes of strong Tibetan origin, interwoven to Buddhism religion and cultures.
Trekking duration: 19 Nights and 20 Days (with drives both ways).
Total Trip: 23 Nights / 24 Days from arrival to main departures.
Best Seasons: The best seasons are spring and autumn/fall, the springtime begins from March to May, and autumn from September to November. 
The best time is late spring from April and May when the days a fine, and clear for views and pleasant walks. Enough sunlight hours, however, can get cloudy in the late afternoon, with chances of rain and snow sometimes. Higher above from Deng till Dharapani villages, morning and late afternoon, including night time, will be cold.
The next best season is autumn/fall from September to October when days are crystal clear with full of sunshine. But shorter days hours due to autumn and sunlight hours, much cold morning and night time. Expect snowfall sometime around the higher region, November is good but most villagers migrate to low warm areas to escape the winter cold. Most lodges will be closed for winter from November onwards till mid-March around the high / peak trekking season.

Trip Itinerary

On arrival at Kathmandu, Nepal International Airport our guide and staff will receives you with traditional welcome. After knowing the staff of Himalayan Forever Treks, a short drive to your hotels. Located in the heart of a city within an exciting Thamel area, an interesting place where most good hotels and restaurants situated. Reaching at the hotel, check your lovely rooms, after getting refreshed join in for group briefing. Provided by your guide or Group Leader, offers useful and important information of the trek, hotels and local lodge. 

Morning after breakfast, our city and cultural guide receives you at the hotel for exciting tour. The drive leads in the heart of Kathmandu city, where interesting historical Durbar Square / Palace Courtyard located. The right spot to observe Nepalese cultures. Tour of ancient monuments listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites, next tour takes you to old Swyambhunath Stupa of more than 2,600 years history.  A Buddhist monument situated on a hillock west of Kathmandu city outskirt, the famous landmark of the country. From here back to hotel, afternoon at leisure and preparation for Tsum Valley & Manaslu Circuit trek.

An interesting overland journey to Nepal Mid-Western Nepal, the drive leads on the main highway for some hours. Then our route diverts heading towards Gorkha district, reaching the mid-hills and down to low warm farm country.

After an exciting journey reaching Arughat town and then on dirt tracks to Machha Khola for overnight stop. A small farm village slowly turning into a town due to the construction of motorable road.

After a long drive from Kathmandu, having a pleasant overnight in a nice local lodge at Machha Khola farm village. A long day walk but interesting, after breakfast, start the first day trek heading north. Follow the Buri-Gandaki River for some hours, as the trail leads through spread-out farm villages. Entering a serene forest of Sal and pine trees to a small settlement of Tatopani, a place with natural Hot-spring. Having short refreshing break continue walk past Khorla Besi village.

The trail leads on steep uphill for few hour, reaching Jagat a nice large village with mixed race of hill tribes. Check into a nice lodge for overnight stop after a long days walk, with time to browse and observe the village life. The villagers of both Hindu and Buddhism religions and cultures.

From Jagat morning walk follows to a short climb into a forest of pines trees and bamboo grooves. As trail heads higher air gets cooler facing lovely scenery of landscapes, then reach another lovely farm village at Philim.

A possible lunch stop time permitting, from Philim on the high trail overlooking grand views of beautiful green hills. After few hours of steady walk reaching our overnight halt at , Lokpa  a small farm village with nice simple lodges.

Morning enjoy the surrounding landscapes views and of distant peaks, from Lokpa enter the former forbidden country of Tsum. The valley of Happiness as described since ancient times by great Buddhist Gurus. Morning walk leads to a narrow river gorge and then down for a short while. The climb starts with steep up entering a cool forest lined with rhododendron and pine trees. 

The walk continues past smaller farm villages with some gradual up as the path heads east above a stream. Then slowly the walk ends on reaching the first inner village of Tsum at Chumling overnight stop.

Enjoying the first pleasant overnight around Tsum areas, morning after breakfast start the day walk heading east. The trail follows through a nice tidy farm terraces and villages, overlooking views of Ganesh, Sringi and Manaslu Himal.

Slowly the trail leads down to cross a bridge above Smatiking Khola / stream to Chokanparo for overnight stop. A nice moderate farm village amidst stunning views of surrounding landscapes and snow-capped peaks. After getting organized in a small simple lodge, enjoy the afternoon exploring the village of impressive Buddhism culture. The native of Tsum valley are known as the Tsumbas people of strong Tibetan origin.

The morning begins facing grand views of dramatic landscapes, the walk follows on gradual winding path. As walk leads within inner areas of Tsum Valley to Nile nice village en route Mu Gompa. Today’s walk is not far from overnight village at 

Nile, as it includes short side trip to a cave of 11th saint Millerepa. A great guru of Tibet who stayed and meditated for a year. An interesting high spot to experience Tibetan Buddhism and culture. As well overlooking spectacular views of 

surrounding high snow peaks. After an exciting morning hike continue walk to join the main trail to Nile, the last permanent lovely village before Mu Gompa.

Today, adventure leads to our main first highlight of the trip to remote isolated area at Mu Gompa. Staying overnight in Nile, as the lodge accommodation is Spartan with small simple guest house and lack of good comfort.

The walk follows to gradual climb reaching dry and windswept country, similar to Tibetan landscapes. Enjoying views of White Mountain range along the walks to reach Mu Gompa, after few hours of good hike. After a refreshing rest, enjoy

visit of the monastery interior and surrounding on the highest spot before Larke-

La Pass.

Mu Gompa the oldest monastery of Tsum, treasures ancient relics with idols of Lord Buddha, and famous saints, Gurus. Explore around Mu Gompa with short visit to Dhephu Doma Gompa time permitting, a nunnery with dozen of Buddhist Nuns. After an interesting time at Mu Gompa, head back to Nile for overnight stop, on achieving our first highlight of the adventure.

After an exciting moment at Nile and hike to Mu Gompa, our second part of the adventure begins to Manaslu valley. Return journey to Chumling, heading south to cross a bridge, as walk leads past Chokanparo village with downhill to join on main trail to Chumling for last overnight stop around Tsum Valley area.

Morning walk begins heading back to Lokpa, starting the morning with gradual ups and down. The walk continues heading further down on leaving Tsum valley outskirts. As walk follows with short descend past Domje then reach Deng village for overnight stop.

From Lokpa, back into forested ridge lined with tall rhododendron, pine, and fir trees. A slow and steady downhill to Bhi Bazaar, situated near the riverside, after a pleasant stop. The walk continues heading towards farm areas with nice cultivated terraces of millets and barley and then reaching Namrung. After checking into the best available lodge, enjoy the grand views of Mt. Manaslu North Face with an array of peaks.

After an enjoyable overnight stop at Namrung village, start the morning with steep climb into dense forested trail above Buri-Gandaki River. The walk follows short down with more ups and on winding path past few small settlements with shops smaller tea-houses. Slowly the day completes reaching a nice village at Lo-Gaon, offers many good lodges. Located beneath majestic North Face of Mt. Manaslu facing views of Sringi and Boudha Himal.

A charming village to explore with an old monastery of great cultural, religious interest worth a visit.

From Lo-Gaon onwards enter the scenic Upper Manaslu valley, the trail follows through several smaller settlements. Walking past summer camp of cattle herder beneath the mighty Mt. Manaslu and adjoining peaks. The walk is pleasant with slow rise in altitude, overlooking fabulous views of peaks on both side of the valley. The trek continues on gradual ups to Sama-Gaon, a lovely large village with nice lodges for overnights stops. Sama Gaon the major village around Upper Manaslu, the main route to Manaslu base camp. As well to the border of Tibet and towards Dharmasala and Larke-La Pass.

At Sama-Gaon rest day for acclimatization before heading towards our final highlight of the adventure. A perfect place and altitude to have leisure time for short hike to view-points. Enjoy a short day hike on route to Manaslu base camp where beautiful glacial pond called Birendra Tal situated. Rest of the day explore the village of immense Buddhism culture.

After a pleasant rest day at Sama-Gaon, leaving the lovely village on windswept high terrain. Walk leads to Samdo the last village of Gorkha and Manaslu valley,the trail follows on gradual ups. Enjoy the grand beautiful views of snow-clad peaks, as walk continues, a short steep climb leads to Samdo village.Located on a wide small plateau, a moderate size settlement of more than forty houses for near two hundred inhabitants.

Morning, on leaving the last Samdo village of Gorkha and Upper Manaslu valley, walk leads on a wide river valley. Overlooking views of giant snow peaks with Mt. Manaslu also called Kutang in native language of Tibetan origin language.

The trail follows to cross few streams and then reaching Dharmasala or Larke Phedi. Which means the base of a hill or pass, the name Dharmasala for rest house or shelter for travelers. After checking into simple room, having lunch afternoon free for short walk, and preparations for early morning climb to cross Larke-La pass towards Manang areas.

Start the day, early morning having breakfast, and carrying packed lunch for the long hours. From Larke Phedi the path leads to steep climb over moraine of rocks and boulders, following north of Larke glacier. Facing view of Cho Danda and Larke Peak.

Slowly the undulating climb reaches on top of Larke-La Pass, the highest point of the adventure. The pass is festooned with thousands of Buddhist colorful prayer flags and rock cairns as a marker of Larke-La top. Although a strenuous climb rewards you with glorious morning views of surrounding Himalayan range. Includes views of Larke Peak, Himlung, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru and Annapurna-II includes all of Manaslu Himal range.

From the top enter the Manang district, a long descend past a small settlement of Tambuche. Finally the downhill ends reaching the bottom of Larke-La other side base at 3,900 m. From the bottom few hour walk brings you at Bhimphedi also called Bhimthang for overnight stop after a long day walks.

Bhimthang a lovely spot, amidst a green wide meadow surrounded by tall trees of rhododendron-pines and oaks. This nice settlement provides good lodges and food menu to enjoy after a vigorous walks of the day.

From Bhimphedi or Bhimthang, a short and pleasant day walk heading downhill as altitude decrease. The trail leads into dense tree lines with few small climb but more or less downhill to reach Gho for overnight stop. Gho a small settlement with few nice lodges, situated in the midst of lovely woodland.

After a pleasant overnight halt at Gho, enjoy the last day trek of the adventure, heading down to Dharapani village. An exciting leisure walk to Tilje, a nice village, located on the shelf of Marsyangdi River. At Tilje for refreshing break or for lunch stop, from Tilje a short climb to cross a bridge towards Dharapani. Enjoy the last overnight stop at Dharapani village, located on motorable road Which is also on route of famous and popular Annapurna Circuit trek. At Dharapani transfer into a nice lodge, the accommodation are much better standard than other previous overnights.

Start early morning for a long interesting drive to Kathmandu, an exciting journey following the Marsyangdi River downstream. Reaching low warm farm villages of Syange and Bulbule to Bhesisar a big town, headquarter of Lamjung district.

From here either transfer to another vehicles or carry on chartered four-wheel drive, heading on the good highway. As drive follows through several town and villages, then uphill to enter the Kathmandu valley and city area.

Finally the long drive ends reaching Kathmandu and back to your hotel by evening or late afternoon.

We have reserved a free day in Kathmandu, where all can relax and enjoy leisure activities. Interested people can join in for exciting sightseeing tour of Patan / Lalitpur and Bhaktapur cities, worth a visit.

Last day in Nepal and at Kathmandu, get ready for final departure as per your international flight time. Himalayan Forever Trek guide and staff transfer you to the airport. Bidding farewell to the guide and staff as you depart for homeward bound flight, after a wonderful experience and adventure on Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit Trekking.

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    • All Arrival and Departures transportation on private coach, car as group size from airport to hotel and vice-versa.
    • 3*** (Three Star) Hotels in Kathmandu with Bed and Breakfast basis.
    • Guided sightseeing in Kathmandu with all entrance fees at places of interest, led by expert tour / city guide on private vehicles.
    • Private vehicles to the starting point of trek as well on the way back to Kathmandu, after the trek from Dharapani village.
    • Applicable special permits for Tsum Valley & Upper Manaslu Restricted Areas with MCA (Manaslu Conservation Area) and ACAP entrance fees. (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) on reaching Manang area.       
    • Full board on trekking includes accommodation on best available lodges, Includes meals, breakfast-lunch and dinner with after refreshment tea / coffee. 
    • Services of expert guide, porters and trekking staff with daily wages, food and accommodation and medical insurance.
    • Welcome or Farewell dinner before or after the treks.

Doesn't Include

    • Nepal Visa, personal Travel and Medical Insurance.
    • Expenses of personal nature, hard / soft drinks, laundry services and gratitude or tipping for driver and trekking staff, porters.
    • Extra snacks and refreshment during trekking, as well for safe drinking water.
    • Personal Trekking gear, including sleeping bags and Down Jackets.
    • Emergency Evacuation if required by fastest means of transportation like using Helicopter Service.
    • Early return from the trek due to personal or medical reasons, have to borne self-expenses. No refund is entertained. Should claim through your insurance, as well for accompanying guide or staff.
    • Using hot showers, charging electronic items on overnight lodges or at lunch time where available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tsum Valley is an interesting remote and far-flung country close to Tibet, where visitors can experience walking on exciting windswept raw terrain.

Enjoying glamorous scenery of beautiful landscapes of wide valley, deep gorges and views of massif North Mid-West Himalayan peaks. The heritage and cultures are impressive with traditional villages to observe and explore.

Quite different and strange for some trekkers, at the end feels glad and worth visiting the wild country of remote Tsum Valley. Loaded with awesome views of snow peaks, lovely villages enriched with beautiful cultures. As well the warm hospitality of Tsumbas the native of Tsum.

The trek overall is not too tough or difficult, the trail is well defined leading to strenuous ups facing with great views. The rise in altitude makes the walk tiring and tough. But taking slowly and having rest will overcome the difficultness as well stopping to enjoy the surrounding views.

For several reasons the Upper Manaslu & Tsum Valley from Jagat village onwards (Day 04) remains as restricted area. Due to its close border with Tibet-China, the other reason is to preserve its pristine country with limited number of trekkers.Where individual / solo trekkers are not allowed has to travel with minimum of 2-3 pax, using the service of a Government Registrated guide and porters.

Every villages and settlements have hydroelectricity or solar power, where trekkers can charge electronic items. A fee is charged for each gadgets as per hour basis, the price differs from one place to another.

Manaslu region is slowly gaining popular, every villages offers best lodge accommodation. Only at Dharmasala the lodge accommodation are simple and basic, with common bath and toilets. As well around Tsum Valley villages, but slowly the standard of lodge facilities are getting better due to interest of trekkers.

But all lodges restaurants provides comprehensive food menu to choose from, with options for overnight accommodations from budget, moderate to standard rooms. Trekkers can enjoy having rooms with attached bath / toilets, or using common bathe and toilets around big villages and at Dharapani village. 

Foods are served in a large warm dining room, the foods served as per the menu from Continental, Chinese, Indian, Tibetan and Nepali. Some lodge restaurants also serves fresh homemade bakeries products.

The most famous and popular is Nepali Dal / Bhat (boiled or steam rice, served with various lentil soups, vegetable or meat mild curry, includes pickles of choice).

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