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Tilicho Lake Helicopter Tour

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    • An ever exciting Helicopter tour landing at world’s highest Tilicho Lake.
    • Enjoy the spectacular surrounding enclosed by towering snow-capped peaks.
    • Fascinating scenery of Manang district amazing landscapes of high scenic valley.
    • Flying over green rolling hills towards windswept dry terrains of Upper Manang.
    • Super panorama of whole Annapurna and Manaslu Himalaya range and beyond.


TILICHO LAKE HELICOPTER TOUR: an ever exciting flight to beautiful Tilicho, world’s highest lakes’
Tilicho Lake Helicopter Tour is an amazing short air journey landing at 4, 919 m or 16,138 feet high. Listed as the world’s highest glacial lakes, fed from the glaciers of towering Gangapurna Himal, Tilicho, and Nilgiris peaks.       
An adventure of great thrills, surrounded by giant snow-capped mountains, within awesome landscapes and scenery. Tilicho Lake is 4 km / 2.5 miles, 1.2 km or less than half miles, a beautiful turquoise-colored Lake.    

The Helicopter flight to Tilicho Lake covers a distance of 55 km / 35 miles as the crow flies. For trekkers at least 12 days journey to reach the beautiful surrounding around Tilicho Lake of 230 km / 160 miles. Depending upon where it starts and ends the trekking, including the drive to the starting point of walks.

Where one can enjoy the comfort of a Helicopter ride of less than an hour of scenic flight to Tilicho Lake. Located in Nepal's Far North Mid-West around Manang district and close to Mustang areas of Jomsom town. 

Tilicho Lake Helicopter Tour is certainly a flight of enchantment and a lifetime experience flying high beyond the massif Annapurna Himalaya range.

Tilicho Lake is well hidden from the main popular trail of the Annapurna circuit by high hills and mountains. Normally trekkers walk from Manang village to Tilicho Lake covering a distance of 19.7 km / 12.2 miles. Walking for three days, as a subsidiary trip from the famous Annapurna circuit route.

The Helicopter flight makes a huge difference in covering a long walking distance in an hour to Tilicho Lake. For Hindu a holy spot, where in ancient times Kak Bhusundi, was a crow in half-human form. Where it is mentioned in the epic Ramayana, the sage Kak Bhusundi is believed to have first told the story.

The great Ramayana to Garuda, king of birds, on the Shore of Tilicho Lake. Since then it is regarded as one of the holy places for all Hindu followers. Due to its remote and isolated location, only a few pilgrims, and devotees often visit Tilicho Lake. But taking pleasure on a helicopter, one can enjoy the scenic short flight to holy Tilicho Lake. As well as perform prayer and worship just a few hours from the scenic city of Pokhara. Joining for Tilicho Lake Helicopter Tour with Himalaya Forever Treks will be a great lifetime experience.

Important Note

Tour Grade: Leisure, short walks with touch of high altitude.
Highest landing spot: At Tilicho Lake 4,919 m / 16,138 feet high.                                             
Flight duration: Maximum 2-3 hours both ways, as weather permits.
Type of Helicopter:  AS 350 B series of helicopters of Euro-Copter, France popular world-wide and Ecureuil model or similar types. 
Stops and Landing: At Manang village, Tilicho Lake and back to Pokhara.
Maximum Seating: 4-5 passengers with spacious wide seating beside pilot.

Best Seasons for Tilicho Lake Helicopter Tour:
Nearly all seasons of the year, spring, pre-summer, and autumn/fall as well as winter time also. But during mid-summer of monsoon wet months from middle June to August months. The most favorable time is in spring from March to May, when days are longer with enough sun shining. 
Can be cloudy and windy afternoon, the next best season is autumn/fall. Days are fine and crystal clear for views and scenic joy ride on a helicopter, but shorter days due to limited sunshine hours. Most days are clear and fine, but very cold mornings and late afternoons with deep snow sometimes.

Trip Itinerary

Pickup time by 6:30 a.m. Flight Time from 7 to 8 a.m. as weather wise. Duration of flight with stops: 2-3 hours. Back to Hotel by 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. Flight distance of 55 km / 35 miles from Pokhara to Tilicho Lake around Manang district one way.

Morning as time for transfer to Pokhara domestic airport, a short drive to the airport terminal. After security formalities head towards Helipad, where airlines staff and pilot welcomes you with introduction. Board on a well seated and spacious chopper according to group size, and then getting ready for the exciting flight.

During flight enjoy super views of Pokhara city and the scenic valley, rising high views of Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayas. Includes superb close views of majestic Machhapuchare Himal, the famed Fish Tail that dominates the Pokhara valley. The view extends as far towards Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west, as the chopper heads straight north above rolling hills. Then swirls around in between the high mountain range, heading due north beyond Annapurna Himalayas. A great change in landscapes from lush green forested hills, reaching within windswept dry valley of Manang areas. Enclosed by towering peaks of Annapurna and Chulu peaks, the pilot might make a short landing at Manang village. 

An opportunity to catch glimpse of local cultures of great interest with strong Buddhism heritage. From Manang village after a refreshing stop, a short of less than half hour to land at Tilicho Lake side. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of giant peaks that surrounds the hidden valley of Tilicho Lake area. For Hindu pilgrims and devotees can perform a short prayer, and wash in the holy lake. Tilicho Lake a dream land for most trekkers and a paradise for photographers, enjoy the great beauty of the areas. Return journey heading on the same route over the high hills and above the valleys to land at Pokhara. After a most wonderful experience and adventure on Tilicho Lake Helicopter Tour.

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    • Private transportation hotel / airport / hotel.
    • Comprehensive medical kits and portable oxygen on request, but most helicopter carries a small oxygen cylinder for emergency purpose.
    • Helicopter fare as per the number of passengers.

Doesn't Include

    • Nepal Visa-Personal travel and medical insurance.
    • Expenses of personal nature and gratitude (tips) hard / soft drinks including breakfast at Manang village as time permits.
    • Personal gear and medical kit.
    • Hotel accommodation and meals in Pokhara.

Frequently Asked Questions

With more than 5 passengers, for above 6 to 10, chartering another helicopter, but with 5-6 on the same chopper. The pilot does the shuttles to and from as the weather permits, even in the best season of the year. So that every passengers can enjoy the views and experience the whole trip landing at Manang and at Tilicho Lake shore line.

Depending upon the seasons, but mostly for all seasons carry a light day pack with necessary items for the morning trip. Wearing warm clothes, down jacket, sun hat and woolen tops, scarf, sun-glass and sun-blocks. On higher altitude the sun is bright with strong UV, needs protection against the bright sunlight. 

Wearing boots, or sport shoes, might need to walk for short distance around the lake shoreline. As well some money for refreshment drinks and breakfast at the Manang time permitting and weather wise.  

At least a month ahead or minimum of a week or few days, after paying the amount charged for the flight. Full payment should be made before boarding the helicopter for Tilicho Lake Helicopter tour. The cost depends upon the number of passengers or for chartering as private for one family or friends.

Yes you can carry a packed breakfast, but it will be cold to consume but can carry with you. Enjoy the breakfast wherever the landing spot is on the tour, preferable places is at Manang village. Houses several lodges, having good restaurants, enjoy great time as weather permitting and pilot decisions. 

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