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Agro Tourism ( Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Agriculture and Animal Farm)

Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya volunteer Agro Tourism program takes place in the rural village of Gorkha in northern Nepal, where you will work alongside many local families. Normal working days start quite early, around 7 am. Volunteers work until the lunch break and then resume their work at around 5 pm. It's crucial to keep in mind that sometimes you have to walk for certain distance from where you will be staying to the area where you will be working.  

Major Highlights

  • Helping rural Nepalese households empower themselves.
  • Spending time with local people can help you deeply understand Nepalese culture and traditions.
  • Enjoy the meaningful journey of learning about various viewpoints and lifestyles that are different from your own.
  • Create a long-lasting impression on the lives of numerous rural families.
  • Enjoy some of the amazing sights Nepal has to offer, including its vibrant festivals, historic palaces, and breathtaking scenery.

About Us

The Himalayan region offers an exceptional environment for farming and raising animals as this region is gifted with distinctive geography and abundant wildlife. This has grown into a profitable and environmentally friendly for agriculture and animal raising thanks to a unique combination of favorable climatic conditions, diverse habitats, and traditional practices. Today, we are going to learn about an amazing company based in such a region, Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Krishi Tatha Pashupanchhi farm.

Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Agriculture and Animal Farm is an outstanding firm company that integrates the principles of sustainable agriculture and animal farming. The company advances ecological harmony, rural development, and community development through animal welfare standards, sustainable practices, product quality, and safety.

Moreover, Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Krishi Tatha Pashupanchhi farm is based in the Gorkha district, located in western part of  Nepal. Gorkha district is well-known for its farming activities which include raising livestock. This region is good for agricultural and animal raising due to its pleasant climate and rich soil. Many local farms in Gorkha operate in the dairy, poultry, goat, and other agricultural sectors and Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya is one of them. It has also  provide lots of opportunities for though who are interested to do volunteering work on farm.  

Some major animal husbandry carried out by Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Krishi Tatha Pashupanchhi farm are;

Goat rearing

Goat rearing has been flourishing in Nepal as a result of the rising demand for goat meat and milk. The topographical landscape of the nation is suited for producing goats, making it a prime location for industrial goat farming.

The farm at Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Krishi Tatha Pashupanchhi has been primarily raising goats and specializing in goat husbandry. They are mostly raised for meat, while other valuable byproducts from these animals include dung, fiber from goats, and wool from sheep. Moreover, the organization has been providing many families in Gorkha with a healthy supply of milk without having to drive to the grocery store. 

Buffalo Rearing

In Nepal, rearing buffaloes is a profitable business with great potential for creating jobs and money for the local population. Buffalo is a versatile mammal that produces milk, meat, skin, and manure. Buffalo is the main livestock product in Nepal, producing more than one-third of the country's meat and more than half of its milk.

Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Krishi Tatha Pashupanchhi Farm has been rearing buffalo for producing meat, horns, hides, milk, butterfat, and power, as well as for plowing and transporting people and crops. This organization has been providing various quality buffalo products to the people of Gorkha-1 Municipality at affordable price.

Fish farming: 

Fish farming is one of the flourishing occupation in Nepal. In various regions of the nation, the soil type and climate are also appropriate for the construction of fish ponds and these farmed fish provides high-quality protin for human needs. There are more than 6000 rivers in Nepal which provides fresh water resources for fish farming, and Gorkha is one such region. 

Since the demand of fish have been increasing in the country, Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Krishi Tatha Pashupanchhi Farm has been doing a lot of fish production lately. Since the country's fish production has not meet its fish consumption demand, the import of fish is in increasing trends. As a result, Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya has been actively engaged in the fish farming industry in an effort to meet the demand and benefit the local farmers. 

Other specific tasks you might carry out as a volunteer for this project include irrigating fields, harvesting crops, eradicating harmful plants, fertilizing crops, taking care of farm animals, helping to make handicrafts, and any other tasks that may come up.

If you are interested in visiting or learning more about Hariyali Bahu Uddeshiya Krishi Tatha Pashupanchhi farm in Gorkha, I suggest getting in touch with our regional agricultural groups, government agricultural departments, or tourism agencies. We'll do our best to give you more detailed information on the farms and agricultural projects in Gorkha.

Tour Route

After having breakfast in Kathmandu, start your journey by heading towards the west from the valley. Enjoy the scenic views of the lush, rolling hills and valleys while riding in the comfort of a jeep. After six hours of driving through several farming villages and cities, the route reaches Gorkha Bazar, the administrative headquarter of the Gorkha district. This city was previously known as Prithvi Narayan Municipality and was named after King Prithvi Narayan Shah. However, in 2009, the name was changed to the Gorkha municipality.  

Why Us?

Food and Accommodations

As a volunteer, you will be facilitated with basic lodging and food throughout your trip. During your stay, you will stay in a simple and cozy lodge managed by the farm family. Similarly, the food items they serve are popular all over the world. Residing in a local area, you will work, learn, cook, and eat together with the locals in the Gorkha region. All in all, you have a wonderful chance to fully immerse yourself in the Nepalese culture and lifestyle. 

Moreover, Hariyali Bahu Uddeseye agro-tourism provides volunteers with the experience of working within the system of traditional Nepalese agriculture. You can work on an animal farm or carry out agricultural tasks like caring lemon garden and more. As one of the primary sectors in Nepal, agriculture plays a significant role in defining the nation's culture. Our program allows volunteers to make a positive difference in their host family’s living. 

Sight-seeing packages

Hariyali Bahu-Udeseye agrotourism also provides volunteers with fantastic sight-seeing opportunities in addition to agricultural activities. This trips includes travelling around some of the world's best mountain ranges like Manaslu and Annapurna. Furthermore, Gorkha is the starting point for Manaslu trek and as we travel from Manaslu through Pokhara, the tourism city of Nepal, we finally reach Annapurna. Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world and Annapurna trek is considerd as one of the most iconic treks on the planet. The Manaslu Circuit Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek are combined in the Annapurna Manaslu Trek in Nepal. This trek is the part of the Great Himalaya Trail and is a must-do circuit trekking in Nepal.

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