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Mystical Villages and Forbidden Kingdom Charms

Marvelous moments unfolded in the mystique of Upper Mustang. The mystical villages, the charms of the forbidden kingdom, and the sense of stepping back in time made this trek a marvelous journey into the heart of a unique Himalayan region.


Review for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Silence of the Desert and Spiritual Retreat

Upper Mustang offered a sojourn into silence. The vast desert landscape, the spiritual retreats, and the ancient monasteries created an atmosphere of tranquility. This trek was not just a journey; it was a meditative experience in the heart of Mustang.


Review for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Majestic Canyons and Cultural Marvels

The Upper Mustang Trek was an expedition into the majestic heart of Mustang. The deep canyons, the vibrant colors of the landscape, and the cultural marvels of the region made every step a revelation. A trek that combines nature's grandeur with cultural richness.


Review for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Ancient Kingdoms and High Desert Serenity

Trekking through Upper Mustang felt like discovering an oasis in the mystical high desert. The ancient kingdoms, the serenity of the landscape, and the cultural richness of Mustang created an unforgettable journey into a hidden Himalayan gem.


Review for 17 days Upper Mustang Trek

Legendary Peaks and Sunrise Spectacle

Witnessing the sunrise at Poon Hill was a legendary moment. The panoramic views of the towering peaks, the sense of accomplishment, and the vibrant hues of the morning sky made this trek a legendary adventure in the Annapurna region.


Review for 10 days Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

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