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Annapurna Base Camp with Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

Trip code
Package name Annapurna Base Camp with Ghorepani Poonhill Trek
Duration 15
Max. elevation 4130 m
Level Moderate
Transportation All ground transportation and domestic airfare.
Accomodation 3*** Hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara and Lodge during the trek.
Starts at kathmandu
Ends at
Trip route Kathmandu- Annapurna Base Camp- Kathmandu
Cost USD 1,090 per person



Annapurna Base Camp Trek by Himalayan Forever is a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience that takes travelers around the southern rolling green hills of the Annapurna Himalayan range in Nepal. This journey offers the opportunity to explore the traditional mountain villages and the indigenous hill tribes of Western Nepal throughout the trial. Moreover, Annapurna Base Camp is mainly centered in the beautiful country of Mid-Western Nepal. This seven-day trek, which is both somewhat challenging and exciting, provides endless views of stunning, towering mountains covered with snow. One can stay in cozy mountain lodges and explore the local tradition of rural communities in Nepal.

Our trek starts and ends at Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal.  The journey starts after a couple of hours of drive from Kathmandu to Pokhara, the tourism capital of Nepal. Drive to Naya Pul village and start trekking to Chomrong village, situated on a high ridge amidst a beautiful rhododendron forest. This trail passes through Gandruk, a popular sprawling hillside village where you’ll meet plenty of friendly Gurung villagers. Our trek continues as we make our way to Dovan, a little village that offers breathtaking views of the rising sun which reflects on the chains of Himalayan peaks. These peaks are Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Manaslu with more. We further hike downhill and then up cross a stream which leads us into dense woods to Modi River. 

Enjoy the morning hike on top Poon Hill for glorious sunrise views reflecting on a chain of Himalayan peaks. Includes the world’s three highest mountain ranges Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Manaslu with arrays of peaks.
From Poon Hill and Ghorepani, after a fabulous morning walk continues over rolling hills up and down, through rhododendron forest. Reaching Tadapani, from here our route diverts towards North East, and the trail follows into dense tree lines. 
After a pleasant descent uphill walks, and then on a nice stone paved path to Chomrong. The last permanent village is en route to the Annapurna base camp, the other places further are just temporary settlements. The walk continues from the large Gurung village of Chomrong, the center point for both ways to ABC and back. The trail follows down and then up crossing a stream heading into dense woods to Modi River. 

Our trek goes past the small village of Bamboo, situated on a river gorge, before reaching Dovan and Himalaya Hotel. Walk beneath the southern Annapurna side and Huin Chuli peaks before reaching a flat region at Deurali. Continue to hike alongside the Modi River stream and head towards the Machhapuchare Base Camp, located beneath the towering Machhapuchare Himal. The name Machhapurchare means "Fish-Tail" in Nepali and the Machhapuchare Himal resembles a fish-tail on top. The route now passes through the magnificent Annapurna Sanctuary to reach Annapurna Base Camp. We enter the beautiful plateau of Annapurna Sanctuary enclosed by amphitheaters and giant peaks of the Annapurna Himalayan range. After a gradual walk, we finally reach Annapurna Base Camp, the main highlight and highest point of our journey.

What is the difficulty level of Ghorepani Poon Hill trek?
The Ghorepani Poon Hill trek is considered a moderate trek suitable for trekkers of all experience levels, including beginners. The trail features well-defined paths and gradual ascents, making it accessible to most people with a reasonable level of fitness. Trekkers can expect to hike for around 4 to 6 hours per day, with opportunities to acclimatize and enjoy the stunning scenery along the way.

What is the difference between Annapurna and Poon Hill?
Annapurna refers to the Annapurna mountain range, a section of the Himalayas located in north-central Nepal. Annapurna is home to some of the world's highest peaks, including Annapurna I, the 10th highest mountain in the world. Poon Hill, on the other hand, is a popular viewpoint located within the Annapurna region, offering panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. While Annapurna encompasses a vast area with diverse landscapes and trekking routes, Poon Hill is a specific destination known for its breathtaking sunrise views and accessibility from nearby villages.

Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp via Poon Hill
Trekking to Annapurna Base Camp via Poon Hill offers trekkers a unique and rewarding adventure through the picturesque landscapes of the Annapurna region. The journey typically begins in Nayapul or Pokhara, with a trek to the scenic village of Ghorepani. From Ghorepani, trekkers ascend to Poon Hill to witness a mesmerizing sunrise over the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. After enjoying the panoramic views, trekkers continue their journey towards Annapurna Base Camp, passing through lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and traditional Gurung villages before reaching the iconic base camp surrounded by towering peaks.

The Hike into Annapurna Base Camp
The hike into Annapurna Base Camp is a breathtaking journey through some of the most stunning landscapes in the Himalayas. Trekkers begin their adventure in Nayapul or Pokhara, gradually ascending through terraced fields and rhododendron forests to reach the picturesque village of Chhomrong. From Chhomrong, the trail leads to Machhapuchhre Base Camp (MBC), offering awe-inspiring views of Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) Peak. Finally, trekkers continue their ascent to Annapurna Base Camp, where they are rewarded with panoramic vistas of towering peaks such as Annapurna I, Annapurna South, and Hiunchuli, set against the backdrop of the majestic Annapurna Sanctuary.

Overview of Annapurna Base Camp with Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek
The Annapurna Base Camp with Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek combines two of the most iconic destinations in the Annapurna region, offering trekkers an unforgettable journey through diverse landscapes and cultural experiences. From the panoramic views of Poon Hill to the majestic beauty of Annapurna Base Camp, every step of this trek is filled with awe-inspiring scenery, warm hospitality, and memorable moments. Whether marveling at sunrise over the Himalayas or trekking through rhododendron forests and traditional villages, this trek is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who embark on it.

Marvelous Sunrise & Sunset Viewpoint – Poon Hill

Ghorepani Poon Hill stands as a natural amphitheater, offering a front-row seat to some of the most marvelous sunrises and sunsets in the Annapurna region. As dawn breaks, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant hues, illuminating the towering peaks, including Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The spectacle repeats itself at dusk, creating an ethereal atmosphere that lingers in the memory of every fortunate spectator.

An Iconic Base Camp (ABC) of the Annapurna Region

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), nestled at an elevation of 4,130 meters, serves as the iconic gateway to the majestic peaks of the Annapurna range. Surrounded by towering mountains, including the formidable Annapurna Massif, the base camp offers a panoramic view that leaves trekkers in awe. This pristine sanctuary amidst the peaks provides a serene retreat for those seeking the Himalayan experience.

Best Season for Annapurna Base Camp and Poon Hill

Choosing the right season is pivotal for a rewarding trek to Annapurna Base Camp and Poon Hill. The best time to embark on this adventure is during the pre-monsoon (spring) and post-monsoon (autumn) seasons. These periods ensure stable weather, clear skies, and optimal trekking conditions, allowing trekkers to bask in the natural beauty of the Annapurna region.

The Mountain View from Poon Hill

Poon Hill, situated at an altitude of 3,210 meters, offers a mesmerizing panoramic view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. Trekkers witness the first light kissing the peaks, gradually revealing the snow-capped summits in all their glory. The 360-degree spectacle from Poon Hill encapsulates the grandeur of the Himalayas, providing an unforgettable visual feast.

Annapurna Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek Difficulty

While the Annapurna Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek is renowned for its stunning landscapes, it does pose a moderate level of difficulty. The trek involves ascending and descending through diverse terrains, including stone-paved steps and forested trails. However, with proper preparation, acclimatization, and a steady pace, trekkers can overcome the challenges and revel in the rewards of this captivating journey.

The Annapurna Base Camp with Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is a symphony of nature's wonders, where each step reveals a new marvel. From the marvelous sunrise at Poon Hill to the iconic Annapurna Base Camp, this trek encapsulates the essence of the Himalayas. As you embark on this adventure, be prepared to be enchanted by the breathtaking views, challenging trails, and the unparalleled beauty that defines this region.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

On arrival at Kathmandu, Nepal International Airport our guide and staff will receives you with traditional welcome. After knowing the staff of Himalayan Forever Treks, a short drive to your hotels. Located in the heart of a city within an exciting Thamel area, an interesting place where most good hotels and restaurants situated. Reaching at the hotel, check your lovely rooms, after getting refreshed join in for group briefing. Provided by your guide or Group Leader, offers useful and important information of the trek, hotels and local lodge.

Day 2 : In Kathmandu with sightseeing tour and trek preparation.

Morning after breakfast, our city and cultural guide receives you at the hotel for exciting tour. 

In the heart of Nepal's vibrant capital, Kathmandu, lies an enchanting trio of cultural and religious landmarks that beckon travelers to embark on an unforgettable journey of sightseeing. Each site—Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupati Nath, and Boudha—offers a unique tapestry of history, spirituality, and architectural marvels, making them integral parts of Nepal's rich cultural heritage.

Kathmandu Durbar Square:

Nestled in the ancient city, Kathmandu Durbar Square is a living testament to the country's regal past. This UNESCO World Heritage Site boasts a stunning collection of palaces, courtyards, and temples that date back to the Malla and Shah dynasties. The intricately carved wooden structures, such as the Hanuman Dhoka Palace, Kumari Ghar (the living goddess's abode), and the Taleju Temple, showcase the splendid craftsmanship of Newari artisans. The square's vibrant atmosphere is further enhanced by local vendors, street performers, and the constant hum of daily life.

Pashupati Nath:

A sacred pilgrimage site for Hindus worldwide, Pashupati Nath is a sprawling temple complex dedicated to Lord Shiva. Located on the banks of the Bagmati River, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is not only an architectural marvel but also a spiritual haven. The main temple, with its distinctive pagoda-style architecture and golden spire, is complemented by a series of smaller shrines, ghats, and ashrams. Pilgrims and sadhus, draped in saffron robes, converge here to seek blessings, while the eerie yet serene atmosphere of the nearby Arya Ghat, where cremations take place, adds a profound spiritual dimension to the visit.

Boudhanath Stupa:

Boudha, or Boudhanath Stupa, stands as an iconic symbol of Tibetan Buddhism and is one of the largest stupas in the world. The colossal mandala is adorned with the watchful eyes of the Buddha, overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. Pilgrims and visitors circumambulate the stupa, spinning prayer wheels and chanting mantras, creating a mesmerizing blend of devotion and tranquility. The surrounding streets are lined with vibrant prayer flag shops, monasteries, and Tibetan handicraft stores, making Boudha a hub of spiritual energy and cultural exploration. Individually, each of these sites offers a captivating glimpse into Nepal's past and present, but collectively, they form a trifecta of cultural diversity, religious significance, and architectural brilliance, making a visit to Kathmandu an immersive and enlightening experience. From here back to hotel, afternoon at leisure and preparation for the trek to Annapurna Base Camp with Ghorepani-Poon Hill.

Day 3 : Drive to Pokhara - 06 hours on road.

An exciting morning and interesting day, transfer to a private coach or in a regular Tourist Bus for Pokhara. 

Traveling overland is interesting to observe the country’s rural farm life, as the drive leads beyond Kathmandu valley. Facing views of snow peaks along the drive, as the drive reach low warm farm villages and towns. The main highway follows Trisuli River for few hours, then heads west with great views of Manaslu and Annapurna Himalayas. Then finally ending the journey at beautiful city of Pokhara where all good hotels located by the serene Phewa lake side. 

Day 4 : Drive to Hille from Pokhara, trek to Ulleri -05 hrs.

After a pleasant and scenic time in beautiful Pokhara, by the serene Phewa lake side. The trek to Ghorepani-Poon Hill begins with an exciting drive heading west from Pokhara city and the valley. Reaching around the farm village of Hille, from here walk starts heading up to Tirkhedhunga village close to beautiful waterfalls.

From Tirkhedhunga, a slow steep climb on stone steps takes you on top at Ulleri village for overnight stop. In the comfort of a nice mountain lodge facing views of Annapurna peaks and of the scenic surrounding landscapes. 

Day 5 : Trek to Ghorepani village - 04 hrs.

Morning having breakfast at the lodge in Ulleri, populated by the Poon Magar, a hill tribe of Western Nepal Himalayas. Start the morning for a short day of few hours to Ghorepani, from Ulleri walk leads on gradual ups. As the trail follows past Bhanthati village and entering lovely forest of rhododendron and pine trees.

Slowly the morning walk reaches Ghorepani, a nice village situated amidst beautiful rhododendron dense tree lines. Enjoy the afternoon marveling the glorious views of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna peaks. 

Day 6 : Morning hike to Poon Hill and trek to Tadapani - 06 hrs.

An early morning start before breakfast, an hour hike up to Poon Hill for spectacular views of sun-rise. From Poon Hill enjoy the panorama of Himalayan range of peaks of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Manaslu Himal. Includes views of majestic Machhapuchare Himal, the famous Fish-Tail peak, after a stunning panorama of Himalayan mountain range. Down to Ghorepani for breakfast, after a refreshing hike on top Poon Hill, the highest point of the trek.

From Ghorepani, climb towards top of Deurali ridge, walking into dense forest and then down to another Bhanthati for lunch. Afternoon walk descend to a stream and then an hour climb to Tadapani for overnight halt. 

Day 7 : Trek to Chomrong village - 06 hrs.

Enjoy the morning glorious scenery of Annapurna Himalayas, having breakfast. Set off for a long and exciting day walk of six hours to Chomrong village. The walk follows to a long descent to a Kimrong River, and then steep up to a small farm village. As walk gets better on gradual winding path to Chomrong village for overnight halt. 

A large Gurung settlement and the last permanent village on route to Annapurna base camp and sanctuary. 

Day 8 : Trek to Dovan via Bamboo - 06 hrs.

Morning a short down to Chomrong stream, and then climb on stone steps to Sinuwa Danda. A small place on a hill top with few houses serving as lodges, shops. After a short stop, the trail follows through a winding forested path with short downhill reaching a place called Bamboo. Located on a forest clearing of bamboo, rhododendron and pine tree lines. Bamboo many good lodges, which we will stay overnight on the way back.

From Bamboo, a short uphill walk into a dense forest within Modi River gorge.As walk continues to our overnight halt, at a small settlement called Dovan.Enjoy overnight halt with the sound of raging Modi River.

Day 9 : Trek to Machhapuchare Base Camp - 06 hrs.

From Dovan, start the morning adventure with climb near a lovely waterfall as walk leads above Modi River. The walk slowly brings you close to a large overhanging Hinko Cave, and then reach a small settlement at Himalaya Hotel.

Having rest, walk continues with a short descent on rocky path and then climb on top an open field, reaching Deurali, a nice place with several nice lodges. A good place for lunch stop before a big climb to MBC (Machhapuchare Base Camp). Afternoon walk along the raging Modi River then the trail leads to steep climb through small bamboo grooves. Finally the uphill ends reaching MBC for overnight halt in one of its best nice lodge. Located beneath towering peak ofMachhapuchare Himal the famous Fish-Tail peak.

Day 10 : Trek to Annapurna Base Camp - 04 hrs.

Morning enjoy breakfast with grand views of Annapurna-I, Annapurna South and Huin-Chuli peaks. Today a few hours walk to Annapurna Base Camp, starts with short climb to enter a plateau of Annapurna Sanctuary. The walk gets pleasant and exciting enclosed by giant peaks on both side of Annapurna Sanctuary.

As the walk comes across a welcome signboard of Annapurna Base Camp, the only 8,000 meters base camp. Having the facilities of a nice cozy lodges, and restaurants at 4,130 m high, surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks.

At ABC enjoy the glorious panorama of snowy mountain range in the comfort of a lovely lodge. Arriving Annapurna base camp for lunch and overnight stop, afternoon at leisure to marvel the beautiful surrounding arctic landscapes.

Day 11 : Trek to Bamboo - 06 hrs.

From ABC enjoying the pleasant time around scenic Annapurna Sanctuary, walk down to MBC, then retrace the journey to Bamboo. An easy walk downhill reaching back into dense forest and finally ending the long walk from ABC to Bamboo for overnight stop.

Day 12 : Trek to Jhinu-Danda a place with hot spring - 06 hrs.

After a pleasant overnight halt in a peaceful and calm areas of Bamboo, except for the sound of a river and birds. Morning a short steep climb and then on gradual path to Sinuwa Danda, then descent to a bridge. On crossing a bridge with steep climb on stone steps to Chomrong village, stopping for lunch. 

Afternoon few hour down to Jhinu Danda village for last overnight around the green hills of Annapurna Himalayas. 

At Jhinu check into a nice lodge, with time to enjoy refreshing moment on a natural hot-spring, near to the lodge at Jhinu.

Day 13 : Short walk and drive to Pokhara - 02 hrs.

Finally the walk comes to an end, cross a bridge and then board in a local vehicle for interesting drive to Pokhara. The drive leads on rough dirt road till reaching the main highway, and then a pleasant ride back to Pokhara.

Reaching Pokhara by the lake side, then check into respective hotels, afternoon free for individual activities and for shopping spree.

Day 14 : Drive to Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

Depart from the hotel in Pokhara, for interesting overland journey back to Kathmandu on the same scenic highway. On reaching the hotel in Kathmandu by late afternoon, rest of day free for individual activities and shopping souvenirs. 

Day 15 : International departure for homeward bound.Last day in Nepal and at

Kathmandu, get ready for final departure as per your international flight time. Himalayan Forever Trek guide and staff transfer you to the airport. Bidding farewell to the guide and staff as you depart for homeward bound flight, after a wonderful experience and adventure on Annapurna Base Camp Trekking.


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